​We're just two ordinary 40-something working professionals living in an urban center. Yes - Missoula, Montana is an urban area, and we live smack dab in the middle of it. We admit that we are very lucky in having more wild places in closer proximity than most urban centers, but we face many of the same hurdles in having an urban farm. We have a city lot plot surrounded by concrete and have a short growing season with cold winters.

Our urban oasis we call “R-urban Farm” is one of the manifestations of trying to live a sustainable life. Even though we purchased this house 17 years ago, I am continually reminded that this project and a sustainable lifestyle in general, are a journey and not a destination. Trying to reduce one's impact isn't exactly easy and may require personal sacrifice, but the journey has been much more rewarding than we could have ever imagined when we started.

This blog is dedicated to the efforts in making that journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. While trying to reduce our impacts by consuming less and growing as much of our own food as we can, we are also trying to maximize the benefits we receive such as eating healthy and connecting in some small way with nature. I am no expert, but I am hopeful that we can have a few laughs as we learn from each other.


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R-Urban Farm


Join the discussion as we fumble towards sustainable living in an urban setting.

August 6, 2019

I love eating with the local seasons, but if there's any way to extend those time frames, especially the tomato season, we do!  We plant summer and winter carrots, we do several rounds of radish and spinach plantings, and we're always on the lookout for other new tricks.

I also love to experiment. M...

January 6, 2019

Winter carrots are much sweeter because carrots convert their starch into sugars to help protect against frost damage. Like home-grown tomatoes, you'll never want to eat store-bought carrots once you've tasted how good they can be!


1) Plant your carrots early to mid-summer - early enough for...

March 8, 2018

I have completed the late-winter chores of pruning fruit trees and harvesting the last of the winter carrots. I even went cross-country skiing yesterday in still-great conditions. But with the days getting noticeably longer, and the birds shouting out their

arrival, everywhere are the signs that spri...

August 28, 2017

August in Montana is hot and dry. For many, it is a dreaded month that frequently brings bothersome smoke from surrounding forest fires. While we don’t like the smoke either, we love this time of year in our northern climate for the brief opportunity to experience the flavor of the Greek Islands fro...

July 6, 2017

Companion planting is a technique cultivating different crops in close proximity to benefit from one another. It can help productivity, pest control, pollination, and it is frequently used in modern permaculture. Digging through the history books, I read that the Iroquois tribes developed one such m...

June 15, 2017

Food and community have often been paired as nourishment for the soul. We have long-enjoyed sharing the fruits of our labor with friends and family over meaningful conversation about health and sustainability. Though it is more work, we often plant and grow way more than we need (or can preserve) fo...

May 8, 2017

I run one race a year as a sort of litmus test to see that I'm maintaining a level of fitness that works for me. The race is in the late spring and training season is in full-force now. While it can be difficult to retrain my body to reach for new speeds and distances after a long winter, especially...

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